10 Reasons why you need Gamma PhoneLine+
for your small business

Has your small business skyrocketed in popularity? If your phone hasn’t stopped ringing or your team are struggling to juggle calls and customers, then it’s time to experience the benefits of Gamma PhoneLine+.

Specifically designed for small businesses, PhoneLine+ is a clever VoIP-style system which allows you to work smarter, improve image and efficiency, and keep your phoneline secure.

Check out our top 10 reasons why your small business needs PhoneLine+:

1)  Avoid the panic
There’s no longer a need to rush to a single ringing phone. Make and receive calls wherever you are by mobile phone, laptop, tablet or IP handset; any compatible device you download the app to.

2)  Easy to use
PhoneLine+’s user interface is specially designed to be simple to navigate, with handy icons and all main functions on the front page.

3)  Keep your number
With PhoneLine+, you don’t need to change your phone number. Meaning no last-minute alterations to any existing advertising material or online information.

4)  Improve your image
Give your phoneline a more professional image by recording new, personalised greetings or use previously recorded messages saved in your media library.

5)  Easily divert calls
Send calls to other colleagues or redirect to external numbers, all with the ability to show the caller number so that business and non-business calls can be easily identified.

6)  Multiple numbers
You can set up more than one number per subscriber, meaning you can assign different numbers to different functions.

7)  Customise your times & messages
There’s nothing more frustrating for customers than waiting for someone to answer the phone and no one picking up. Avoid the frustration by setting out-of-hours times per day, record specific messages and choose where you would like calls to be directed if you are closed for business.

8)  All of your contacts in one place
Store all of your business essential phone numbers in one place using the Contacts function. You can also sync up your own mobile contacts, with the ability to choose which numbers to make readily available or private for other colleagues.

9)  Call analytics
Knowing a little more about your customer call trends can make a huge business in planning the working day. With integrated analytics included, PhoneLine+ makes it easier than ever to track how many calls are being answered, monitor progress and create reports.

10)  Instantly available
As soon as you sign up, PhoneLine+ is delivered to you by email. Download the app or soft client to your device(s) and immediately start making and receiving calls.

Get in touch with Logic today and find out how we can improve your business with Phoneline+.

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