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logic business systems windows 10 end of life

Windows 10 End of Life

Windows 10 will reach its end of support on 14th October 2025. After this date, it won’t receive crucial updates or support, leaving it vulnerable to security threats. It’s time you upgraded to Windows 11, but ensure your PC meets its hardware requirements.

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logic business systems super saturday retail top 5 products

Was Your Super Saturday Not So Holly Jolly?

If the Christmas rush pushed your team and customers to their limits, with slow tills, lack of communication and stock numbers mysteriously mismatching, our top 5 must-haves for retail businesses are sure to make next year’s Christmas chaos run much smoother.

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Rockstar Games Was Hacked by Teenagers

The GTA 6 trailer has been released! But aren’t we forgetting something? An 18-year-old and 17-year-old were responsible for the GTA 6 footage leak in 2022. If Rockstar Games can be targeted by teenage cyber criminals, then so can your business.

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O.MG Elite Cable

Avoid plugging in seemingly harmless charging leads without trusting the source. The O.MG Elite Cable looks exactly like a normal charging lead but is capable of stealing your data and type text commands into your device.

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Cyber Secure: Summit and Networking

Free cyber security and networking event in Penrith. 13th September 2023 at North Lakes Hotel, Penrith. Insightful talks by industry-leading experts from WatchGuard, ESET and David Roberts Insurance, plus breakfast, tea & coffee and lunch.

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Map of Worldwide Ransomware Attacks

Discover the latest ransomware attacks worldwide, updated daily, since 2018. Ransom amount, if the ransom was paid, the entity, sector and industry that was targeted, and the strain of ransomware used, is all data that is visible where available.

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Why is Gamma Horizon the best choice for your doctors surgery?

More and more frequently, the general feeling associated with trying to contact a doctors surgery is pure frustration. While we can’t lessen the amount of patients or give you the ability to speedily cure an ailment over the phone, we CAN vastly improve your surgery’s call handling abilities. Discover Gamma Horizon’s specially tailored bolt-ons.

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Is your company high in fibre?

BT are currently in the process of replacing all the copper cabling in the UK with ultra-fast fibre optic cabling, with the intention of having the entire nation switched over by the end of 2027.

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What is Microsoft Azure?

Simply put, Microsoft Azure is a huge server platform that is completely Cloud-based, saving you the trouble of having multiple physical server boxes needing cabled and stored in your office. Get Microsoft Azure for your business and start saving money and space today.

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Why do you need VoIP this Christmas?

If your team are still relying on a landline and you’re worried about struggling to juggle a persistently ringing phone and a never-ending throng of Christmas customers, then you need a reliable VoIP system.

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The Big Switch Off

By 2025, all analogue phonelines in the UK will turned off by BT. Make sure your business is ready with a reliable, cost-effective VoIP.

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