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Logic highlights a modern-day danger surrounding unfamiliar USB sticks

An Ecuadorian television presenter by the name of Lenin Artieda has been injured after plugging an unknown USB flash drive into his computer. 

An envelope was mailed to a journalist covering a current story in the news. On receiving the envelope, Artieda opened it to find a USB stick, and plugged it into his computer to see what was on it. This is never a safe approach to receiving a strange USB as it could be riddled with malware and viruses, but, in this case, there was a more sinister outcome. 

Within seconds of plugging the USB drive into his computer, it detonated. Due to the small scale of the explosion, Artieda’s injuries were thankfully minor and no one else was hurt. The police determined that only half of the explosive material within the drive was ignited, meaning there was potential for the situation to have been much more severe than it was.

In Ecuador alone, the BBC has reported that three explosive USB sticks failed to detonate on use, and one was intercepted by postal carriers before it could reach its target. A forensic scientist claimed these bombs contained explosives that had military-type properties. 

While these explosive USB flash drives have not yet been reported in the UK, you can never say never when it comes to cyber crime. If you would like any advice or suggestions regarding the cyber safety of your company and employees, contact your local cyber security experts at Logic Business Systems Ltd today. 

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