How easily could cybercriminals
get into your place of work?

You might think your business is bulletproof, but it may surprise you to know just how easily an outsider could trespass into your organisation – via email, phone or even in person! 

Ask yourself, what would you do if your boss sent you an urgent email, instructing you to open and complete attached forms? Just as easily as that, a cybercriminal has contacted you with a fake “Friendly From” name, and you have allowed a vicious program into your network, compromising the digital safety of the entire organisation. 

So how do you avoid this happening? We at Logic Business Systems Ltd. say that one of the best starting points to fully ensure your company’s safety is a Penetration Test. 

Penetration Testing is a service offered by many IT companies; it tests a business’ security through “ethical hacking”. An IT technician will attempt to gain access to sensitive detail by sending fake phishing emails, attempting to break through firewalls, even calling a member of the team or showing up in person to gain physical access. In a Penetration Test carried out by our own team at Logic, we were able to retrieve a user’s login details over the phone without any request of identification, and a study by Bulletproof revealed that a concerning 31% of users interacted with a test phishing email sent to them. Are you sure your own organisation is safe? 

With the Christmas rush in full force, it’s highly likely that cybercriminals will use the chaos in their favour to breach your company security, meaning you and your team could lose everything. Don’t take that risk. 

Get in touch with our highly experienced IT technicians today.

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