A Success Story: BEEP Doctors

BEEP Doctors Case Study


A fantastic local charity, BEEP Doctors was originally set up in 1994 in Penrith, Cumbria. From road collisions to home emergencies, this exceptional charity brings emergency medical care directly to patients within a 15 mile operating radius around Penrith.

The charity has grown considerably over the last 12 months, welcoming more doctors across Cumbria and providing more emergency medical care than ever before, so the team decided to expand their organisation by moving into Agriculture House in Penrith.


With great growth comes a great need for reliable technology, of which BEEP Doctor were unfortunately lacking. The team began embarking on a mission to fundraise for their charity with the aim of bringing essential equipment to their doctors.

Suitable IT equipment and systems are vital in communicating with each other and delivering efficient medical care, and, upon hearing about BEEP Doctor’s fundraising for new tech, Logic offered a helping hand.


Our team at Logic Business Systems donated and installed a WiFi printer and 10 iPads to the BEEP Doctors’ office, also implementing a mobile device management system to manage all their devices remotely. A modern email system is also incredibly important for communication, so our helpful IT Technicians set up email accounts for the full team and migrated them from their old POP3 system to Office 365.


This new addition of equipment and software will allow the BEEP Doctors team to communicate far more effectively with each other and with patients. Their newly donated iPads are even set up to connect to their medical equipment and monitor a patient’s condition.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Logic Business Systems for providing us with these state of the art iPads that are going to make a huge difference to the BEEP Doctors and our charity. The new systems will bring us up to speed with our IT and tech capability. We are indebted to Logic and their huge generosity.” – Theo Weston, Chairman of BEEP Doctors

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