A Success Story: Prima Uno

Prima Uno Case Study


Unique and multi-sector, Prima Uno are an award-winning consultancy who specialise in project controls, planning, management, training and much more. From the construction of Terminal 5 Heathrow to the phenomenal project of London 2012 Olympics and multiple high-profile projects within nuclear industry as well as rail and utilities amongst other sectors, this well-established company have a huge portfolio of experience, and have been working with Logic Business Systems Ltd. for a few years now.


The Cyber Essentials Plus Scheme is a government-backed scheme, aiming to assist companies in protecting themselves from cyber threats. It’s no surprise to hear that cyber security is hugely vital in reinforcing the credibility of any business. So, a few years ago, it became clear to Prima Uno that certification was necessary and, after having already received plenty of support from the Logic team, we were chosen as their go-to service provider once again.


The pernickety process of gaining Cyber Essentials Plus certification can be time-consuming and, more often than not, rather frustrating for a business. Since the new Office Manager was appointed, Prima Uno had two Cyber Essentials Plus audits, and Logic’s Technical Support Manager, Martin Sly, was their main point of contact on both occasions. During this time a successful relationship has been built and, alongside assisting with completing forms and meticulously checking all laptops remotely, Martin also ensured that the business complied with all other requirements of the scheme. Prima Uno were grateful for the service, expressing “it was obvious for us that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve it without Logic team”.


After a long but necessary process and fantastic efforts from all involved, Prima Uno now officially meets the requirements for Cyber Essentials Plus and can sport their issued Certificate of Compliance with pride. Prima Uno can now continue to offer a range of exceptional services to top clients, all with the reassurance that they are securely protected against cybercrime and common online threats.

“We are very proud and happy to have a Cyber Essentials Plus certificate and appreciate Logic team’s effort and input to facilitate it. It is a joint success for both Prima Uno and Logic. Thank you!” – Bogusia Gruszka, Office Manager at Prima Uno

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