A Success Story: Currock Community Centre

Currock Community Centre Case Study


First opened in 1934, Currock Community Centre is a charity that offers support, events, private room hire and a general safe space for the Carlisle community and beyond; from Live Well group (supporting people living with dementia) to Multi-Cultural Cumbria. Whilst they do receive some funding, their main income stream is from chargeable events, staff-run groups, room and office hire, and partnerships.

“As a community centre, we offer a variety of everything for 0-90+ year olds… We try and work with everybody that we can really: other charitable groups, other organisations.” – Tish Fisher, Centre Manager

“We’re a standalone charity within our building so are responsible for all our own expenses.”


As Currock Community Centre regularly need to scan documents and print small-scale promotional material such as colourful posters and leaflets, a new MFD printer was necessary for the daily running of their organisation. They previously had an old, stand-alone photocopier in Tish’s office, only connected to her device; meaning staff members would need to contact Tish to scan any material, taking up a lot of valuable time. The team needed a reliable, simple piece of equipment that would perform standard printing tasks for the whole organisation as and when needed, without costing them a fortune.

“The old [printer-scanner] was coming out of lease and we just thought it might be time to have a good look around and see what else was on the market, because I think technology changes so fast.”

“Ian gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse basically. You seemed a good company to work with.”


This piece of equipment was delivered and installed by Ryan, one of our expert IT technicians, ensuring it was fully connected to the network and correctly formatted for everything they needed all in one visit.

“The young gentleman who came to set up initially – I couldn’t fault him. He really knew what he was doing. It was all tickety-boo from the second he left.”

When an issue did arise after a member of their staff accidentally changed the printing settings, Ryan was called back and quickly fixed the problem.

“He did a superb job. I was really impressed. He really took his time, he was really friendly. I’ll be honest, we’d never had such an efficient service like that before. A huge bonus to have in your company.”


Currock Community Centre now have a speedy, dependable MDF printer to take care of all their documentation and advertising. All staff members can easily access the device, avoiding the need to run printing and scanning jobs through Tish alone and significantly freeing up her workload.

“The scanner’s been great because everybody can now just scan everything through to their own email so that’s cut down a chunk on my workload.”

“We’ve had two or three photocopiers and I don’t think it’s ever gone as smoothly or has been as simple. And Ian was very good. When asking any queries, he would come straight back. 5 star service.”

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