A Success Story: Rowan Glen

Rowan Glen Case Study


Rowan Glen is now a locally owned dairy product manufacturer, specialising in yoghurts, fermented dairy products (such as sour cream) and yoghurt drinks. Originally built in 1993, the factory was run as a private business for about 10 years before Dale Farm Group took it over in 2003. In late 2022, Dale farm took a strategic decision to close the site and agreed to a buy over of the Factory and Rowan Glen brand. The new Managing Director, Alan Baxter, supported by South of Scotland Enterprise, restarted production and, with sales growing month on month, believes that this change of ownership has assumed a new lease of life for the brand.

“We’re hoping to pick up more and more business,” confidently stated Alan. “Think about Nestlé or Müller or some of these big guys – they don’t have the flexibility to do half of what we can do for our customers.”


The closing down of the factory by Rowan Glen’s previous owner, meant all their IT and phone systems would be turned off.  Along with ever-increasing client requirements, came a need for more advanced telecommunications and IT solutions.

“Coming away from the previous owner… who had the IT and phone connections via their Head Office meant all these connections were going to be cut off… everything had to be re-set up and a new system installed. IT and phones to be operated on site.”

“To find a solution, I just spoke to a few local businesses who had put in IT systems recently… and the recommendation to go to Logic – word of mouth”

Business Development Executive, Josh, worked with our highly experienced team of Technicians to find the ideal VoIP package for Rowan Glen’s needs, as well as powerful broadband, network infrastructure and necessary cyber security. Transfer of data was also required to move the company to a more modern, sophisticated email system, and bring all pre-existing company information and files across.


Keeping Rowan Glen up-and-running was vital. Being unable to keep contact with their clients, even for just a few hours, could have been detrimental to the company, so their team needed to ensure business could run as normal despite the work going on in the background.

When asked how important it was to keep systems running during the transition, Alan responded, “It was critical… There might have been ways round it… but I think it just would have made our life a lot more difficult.”

Keeping the confidence of our clients is equally as important as carrying out the project. Good communication is key and our team here at Logic always strive to be fully transparent about the installation process and what it will entail for the client.

“Having that good a relationship between Dale Farm and Logic, and the three of us working together, I think it really helped.”


Rowan Glen now have a future-proofed VoIP phone system, fibre broadband, network infrastructure, a sophisticated email system, and key cyber security products; everything they need to ensure their blooming business stays successful in the modern world. As Alan said himself, “the internet and the IT connection revolves around everything we do”.

The installation of these systems was expertly carried out by Senior IT Support Technicians, Alan and Martin, and IT Support Technician, Ryan.

“The guys installing it were good… the staff were friendly and helpful.”

When asked if he would recommend Logic, Alan assuredly responded, “Yeah, I would. Definitely.”

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