Cyber Essentials Plus in Carlisle, Cumbria and Dumfries & Galloway

Cyber Essentials Plus

The Government-Backed Cyber Security Scheme

Improve your security, reputability and company image with IASME’s government-backed scheme. Cyber Essentials Plus goes beyond the basics, employing rigorous testing methodologies to identify and neutralise vulnerabilities, ensuring your systems are robustly protected. By choosing Cyber Essentials Plus, you not only fortify your digital infrastructure but also demonstrate a commitment to cyber security excellence. Gain the trust of clients and partners by showcasing your proactive approach to safeguarding sensitive information, directly in compliance with these government-backed standards.

Why Get CE+ Certified?

Much like your dedication to delivering great service, it’s also important to demonstrate your commitment to customer trust and data protection by actively protecting your IT infrastructure against potential cyber threats. Cyber Essentials Plus is the extra level of security needed to safeguard your information and enhance your credibility. Stand out above competition while keeping yourself and your clients safe.

Some government contracts require you to have Cyber Essentials Plus

The Difference Between
CE and CE+

While the checklist to achieve the standard Cyber Essentials is certainly a good step towards your company’s cyber security, Cyber Essentials Plus ensures maximum protection with the most advanced coverage. Alongside the five key contracts of CE (firewalls, secure configuration, access control, malware protection and patch management), CE+ additionally requires vulnerability scanning, on-site assessment and manual testing. This is where our expert team comes in.

Funded Cyber Essentials Programme

While any company could easily face a cyber attack, the NCSC commonly offer free Cyber Essentials Plus certification to those sectors most at risk. If you’d like to find out which sectors are currently being offered free Cyber Essentials Plus certification, get in touch now.

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