Cyber Security

Bulletproof Cyber Security Against Hackers & Viruses

Strengthen the security of your business with reliable cyber essentials, managed cyber security services and more from Logic: one of Cumbria’s top leading cyber security companies. Providing effective products and services from dependable cyber security companies, our IT team will boost your network and password security. Stay safe with well-known names such as WatchGuard, ESET and Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance, along with other award-winning software and thorough penetration testing. Better still, maximise your security with government-backed Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

WatchGuard Cyber Security

WatchGuard is a leading provider of network security and intelligence solutions designed to protect organisations from allowing cyber threats into their network. Their comprehensive suite of security products includes firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, MFA, VPNs and more, all managed through a centralised platform.

Assess the security of your organisation with our penetration testing

ESET is a globally recognised cyber security company known for providing cutting-edge solutions to protect businesses and their endpoint devices from a wide range of digital threats. With a strong emphasis on advanced threat detection, prevention and response, ESET offers an all-inclusive range of security products and services in multiple subscription levels, including antivirus software, endpoint security and network protection.

Cyber Essentials Plus

IASME Cyber Essentials Plus is a government-backed scheme designed to secure your business against well-known, detrimental attacks by implementing cyber security must-haves, such as malware protection, user access control and secure configuration. We can even perform a technical verification, to highlight any cyber security weak spots and ensure your business is completely protected. Ask us about Cyber Essentials Plus requirements today.


2 Factor Authentications (2FA) or more secure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) are essential methods in keeping your accounts and devices secure against unauthorised threats. From the popular Microsoft Authenticator application to WatchGuard’s super secure AuthPoint app, add an extra level of security with a simple approval, number code, QR code or click of a button, only available to the authorised user.

“We are very proud and happy to have Cyber Essentials Plus certificate and appreciate Logic team’s effort and input to facilitate it. It is a joint success for both Prima Uno and Logic. Thank you!”
Prima Uno

Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance

Analyse, track, filter and more with award-winning Microsoft 365 security, with the ability to grant permission to access selected content only to approved individuals in your business with Microsoft Compliance. Protect sensitive data and avoid unexpected breaches.

Managed Firewalls

Keep your network safe with powerful, well-maintained WatchGuard firewalls and other trusted firewalls from award-winning software companies, consistently checked with appropriate patches and improvements put in place, as well as helpful reports and analysis. Find the best firewall for your business today.


Our Cyber Security Assessment Tool is a quick and effective way of assessing your business’ cyber security status, detect any issues and suggest recommended improvements.

Does your charity qualify for free Cyber Essentials Plus certification?

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