Domains &
SSL Certificates

Secure Your Website & Boost Authenticity

Whether business is booming or you’re just starting up, company credibility is essential in developing a successful business.

Without SSL, your website becomes susceptible to Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks from which customer data can easily be leaked. It can also cause your website to rank poorly in search engines, and the lack of security diminishes customer trust.

Secure your website now through Logic, with quickly obtainable official SSL certificates and hosted domains; site name, email and other business web services included.

SSL Certificates

Reinforce your business image and security with official SSL certification. Attach your SSL certificate to your domain name and email to reassure your customers that you are exactly who you say you are, and their data is safe from hackers.

“The staff in your technical support department can be relied upon to always deliver a friendly and efficient service.”
Protect network data across hybrid infrastructures

Hosted Domain Names

Put your business out there. Explore a massive choice of domain names for your business website, with speedy connection and unlimited bandwidth, and set up a professional email account, complete with calendar and task tools.

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