O.MG Elite Cable

An Eerie Evolution of Modern-Day Cyber Crime 

Next time you spot a seemingly forgotten charging lead innocently laying on the ground, take a moment to think before you implement the “finders keepers” rule and take it home. You may well compromise your entire cyber security. 

This incredible, little creation is actually the O․MG Elite cable – a terrifyingly stealthy hacker tool which looks and works just like a normal charger but also has an advanced implant hidden inside to function as a keylogger, able to record every keystroke that passes through it and save up to 650,000 key entries, and also perform keystroke injection attacks. In simpler terms, it allows the hacker to save banks details, passwords, even draft social media posts, and can act as a keyboard to type text commands into your device. 

Wi-fi controls and built in IDE. Image credit: the O.MG website

“It’s a cable that looks identical to the other cables you already have… But inside each cable, I put an implant that’s got a web server, USB communications, and Wi-Fi access. So it plugs in, powers up, and you can connect to it.” – MG, Creator of the O.MG Cable 

Yes, you read that right. This phenomenal invention is capable of connecting to webpages, transmitting and receiving data as a USB, and even functions as its own wi-fi access point! 

All the victim needs to do to compromise their device is plug the cable in. 

logic business systems omg hacking cable xray
An X-ray of the O.MG Cable showing the chip implant. Image credit: the O.MG website

As it currently stands, the chances of you being targeted by a cyber criminal with an O.MG Elite Cable is very low… but by no means impossible; especially if you could be considered a valuable target. The general consensus with cyber crime tends to be “it won’t happen to me”, but that’s the exact mindset that caught out the Royal Mail, the NHS, the Electoral Register and so many more organisations – who’s to say it won’t be you next?

Just think: that cheap charging cable you’re about to purchase from Amazon could just as easily be a hacking cable. As time goes by, the O.MG Elite Cable and cheaper made alternatives will likely become more accessible for many low-grade scammers, and throw the door wide open for multiple easy cyber security breaches of phones, tablets, laptops and more. 

So, how can you protect yourself? 

The easiest, most fool-proof method of staying cyber safe is by simply not using anyone else’s cable but your own, and only purchasing charging leads from a reputable source. But you can also use WatchGuard’s tried and tested firewalls and ESET’s award-winning endpoint security to keep your devices as safe as possible. 

Want to find out more about how best to keep your devices cyber secure? Get in touch with our expert Cyber Security department. 

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Disclaimer: the content featured in this editorial is for education and ethical hacking purposes only. Logic are in no way encouraging the use of the O.MG Elite Cable, rather informing customers about the risks it creates and how best to stay protected.

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