A Success Story: Mark Nield Wealth Management

Mark Nield Wealth Management Case Study


Established in 2013, Mark Nield Wealth Management began with an invitation from St. James’s Place (a British multinational wealth management business) to Mark Nield, asking him to work as a trusted representative of them. 

“We’re a financial services team. There’s myself, Fiona and Dan who are all advisors across a whole range of things, including tax, retirement planning and investment planning. Fiona also does mortgages. We help people to save tax and grow their wealth.” – Mark Nield, Principal of Mark Nield Wealth Management 


Because of the field of work Mark Nield Wealth Management conduct, sensitive data is regularly passing between the company and client, as well as between company devices. Protecting customer data is always high on their list of priorities as “the nature of the information that we hold for clients is delicate and confidential”, and this protection is vital to their partnership with St James’s Place Wealth Management. 

“They insisted that each individual business has Cyber Essentials Plus or an equivalent certification to make sure that all our data and client information is as safe as possible and we’re protecting ourselves and our clients.” 


Achieving Cyber Essentials Plus certification is not as simple as ticking off a list. It involves five key controls: establishing a firewall is in place; making sure secure settings are being used for devices and software; checking if there is control on who has access to the company’s data and services; ensuring the company is protected against malware and viruses; confirming all devices and software are being kept up-to-date. This entire process involves time and dedication from both the client and the Logic team.

“Originally, we had a conversation with Ian Boyd, the Business Development Manager of Logic, around what the requirements were. It was established that, yes, it was something they could help with, and they would start working behind the scenes to make sure that we’re in the best position we could be to obtain the required certification from an external provider.” 

The process of gaining company Cyber Essentials Plus certification can easily take months of work for the usual IT Technician, so speak to our dedicated Cyber Security team to take the pressure away and receive compliance faster. 

“[Technical Support Manager] Martin Sly came into the premises and did all the on-site work, and was a pleasure to work with. Very professional, very efficient, and disrupted the office as little as possible. Because we knew he was coming, we could make time to accommodate him, and it was much easier and much quicker than anticipated.” 


Due to the hard work and diligence of Martin Sly, as well as the dedication and cooperation of our client,  Mark Nield Wealth Management have now achieved their Cyber Essentials Plus certification, giving their wide client base the reassurance that their personal data will be kept safe and sound at their Brampton premises and online. 

When asked if he would recommend Logic, Mark Nield responded: 

“Absolutely, yes. We’ve been with Logic for a few years now. They helped us with the move of premises which was a big task in itself because we needed everything done from scratch over here, and again, that went very well. We know we’ve got you guys at the end of the phone, or to come in if you need to, to help support us. It’s like our own in-house IT team.” 

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