WatchGuard Cyber Security

WatchGuard Authpoint Multi-Factor Authentication

A clever extra layer to protect your passwords

WatchGuard’s award-winning Multi-Factor Authentication app allows you to take far more control over your passwords, bringing a whole new level of security to your company. Better still, there are no hidden fees and you’ll get access to full MFA protection, including mobile authentication, web portal, employee logons, VPN and more, for just the price of a cup of coffee!

Authentication Methods

With push notifications, each time you enter your login details, a notification will ping to your mobile app and you will be asked to approve or reject the attempt. With the QR code, you can scan a QR code through your mobile app and use the following verification code to allow access. Or the one-time password will let you use a unique, temporary password available in the app.

Easy to install,
easy to use.

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