What is Microsoft Azure?

Many people find the concept of Azure quite tricky to get their heads around. While there are lots of articles describing what Azure can do, there is very little to answer the direct question of: what exactly IS Azure? 

Simply put, Azure is a huge server platform that is completely Cloud-based, saving you the trouble of having multiple physical server boxes needing cabled and stored in your office. Think of your entire company network, files, software, etc., stored in cyberspace rather than in a set of physical server boxes. 

As Logic’s Software Support Assistant, Michelle, says, “it’s like a pretend cupboard” – basically, that’s exactly what it is. An invisible cupboard of servers. 

So, why make the switch to Azure? Here are some of the main reasons: 

Save Money 
Cut down on electrical costs by no longer needing to run several physical servers. 

Access Anywhere 
As Azure is Cloud-based, you can access it from any authorised device, from any location. 

Stay Secure 
Multi-layered security is built into Azure’s hardware and firmware, along with back-up and disaster recovery, and the ability to add additional firewalls and antivirus as desired. 

Build How You Like 
Design your Cloud infrastructure exactly how you’d like it, with support for all languages and frameworks, and compatibility with all open source technology.

Start working more economically and future-proof your business now. Get in touch with our multi-award-winning Tech team today to discuss Microsoft Azure options for your business. 

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