Is you company high in fibre?

You may have already heard BT are currently in the process of replacing all the copper cabling in the UK with ultra-fast fibre optic cabling, with the intention of having the entire nation switched over by the end of 2027. We all know this is a good thing, but why?

Broadband & WiFi 

The most well-known benefit from this switch is super quick broadband. Fibre cabling provides over 1000 times as much bandwidth as copper and can travel more than 100 times further*; it is also incredibly fast – only 31% slower than the speed of light! Enjoy incredibly quick connectivity, download and upload speeds through your company Wi-Fi too with our top performing Ubiquiti routers, renowned for their fantastic range and reliability. 

To match your exceptional broadband, you’ll also want an exceptional service provider, and we would highly recommend Zen. Which? and PC Pro multi-awarding winning Zen are leading the way in speedy, reliable broadband and wi-fi for businesses of all sizes. As an official partner of this terrific service provider, Logic has won Zen’s Circle of Excellence award two years running for top customer service, making our highly skilled team of IT Technicians your number 1 point of contact to take care of all your Zen internet needs; from installation to maintenance, we’ll be there every step of the way. 

Digital Phone Systems 

After 2027, your traditional landline phone will be completely unusable and you will need to make the switch to VoIP if you haven’t already. While this may sound daunting, it’s a lot more straightforward than you’d think – in fact, it’s actually rather beneficial to your business! Just to name a few positives: many VoIP systems can be connected to multiple types of devices, including headsets, tablets and mobiles, meaning you can make and take calls on the move; as VoIP runs through your broadband, you can save money by avoiding costly phone bills from international calls; it’s also exceptionally easy to set company opening hours and personalised messages. 

Logic are partnered with ever-reliable, award-winning Gamma for our telecommunications services. With Gamma, you can find the ideal VoIP package for your business and even tailor bolt-ons to suit your individual users’ needs. Discover our range of Gamma VoIP deals from as little as £6.95 and enhance your business communications today.

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