Why is Gamma Horizon the best choice for your doctors surgery?

More and more frequently, the general feeling associated with trying to contact a doctors surgery is pure frustration. While we can’t lessen the amount of patients or give you the ability to speedily cure an ailment over the phone, we CAN vastly improve your surgery’s call handling abilities. Discover Gamma Horizon’s specially tailored bolt-ons. 

Broadband & WiFi

Never again leave a patient stuck on a never-ending ring tone. Gamma’s Auto Attendant greets the caller and can state any general information you’d like to include; opening hours, email addresses, clinic details, etc. This can potentially cut down on basic enquiry calls.

Call Queueing

Place calls in a queue at a network level, with the ability to play reassuring messages stating a call will be answered soon, explaining reasons for wait times, or repeating general information like opening hours.

Call Recording

Keep a record of calls to use for staff training or even the safety of your team.

Sophisticated Statistical Analysis

This will keep track note of inbound/ outbound calls to help identify the busiest periods, helping plan for staff scheduling.

Integration with Industry-Specific CRMs

Hold a record of call history and previous interactions with patients, as well as screen-pops on inbound calls, to improve customer service and personalise the patient’s call experience.

PC Soft Client

Presence and chat can be used to communicate amongst the team in order to help meet patient confidentiality.

Receptionist Console

Automatically assess the nature or urgency of a call and move the caller up/down the queue accordingly or connect them to the appropriate member of staff. ‘Presence’ allows the receptionist to check who is available before transferring the call.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Avoid losing callers that get lost when connecting elsewhere (mobile, other practice).

Ready to enhance your
surgery’s call handling? Get in touch with our multi-award-winning team today.

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