Logic's 'Cyber Security in Business'
Event at Carlisle Racecourse

On the 19th October, we at Logic Business Systems Ltd hosted our very own cyber security event, ‘Cyber Security in Business: The Value of Company Data’, at Carlisle Racecourse. The day featured a plethora of handy information about the dangers of cyber crime and how to effectively secure any business. And, judging by the shock on everyone’s faces following some of the scary facts and statistics announced, it’s fair to say that we lived up to the spooky nature of October! 

The day began with trays of delicious pastries and friendly networking, allowing everyone to ease into the event and get to know each other before the presentations started. As you can see below, we had a full house from the get-go! 

Our first speakers were Alexander Stoyanov and Benjamin Burgher-Fuller of ESET, with an incredibly informative presentation on data protection, including some startling statistics on cyber crime. For instance, did you know a cyber attacker can purchase 10 million email addresses for just £110?!

Joanne Stronach of Cartmell Shepherd walked us through the legal aspects of cyber crime, shocking the audience into realising exactly what is and is not covered by a solicitor if loss or theft of data occurs. E.g. failing to notify a breach when required to do so can result in administrative fines of up to £8.7 million or 2% of annual global turnover! 

WatchGuard’s Martin Lethbridge spoke next, starting with a ‘kitten break’ to mellow everyone out before an eye-opening presentation about how easy stealing data can be for a cyber criminal. From leaving MFA tokens on your desk at work to simply connecting to free wi-fi, it’s astounding just how simple data theft can be! Though phishing scams are still considered to be the greatest cyber threat to a business, no matter how well trained your team may be. 

Our presentations ended with Mark Taylor’s insightful explanation of cyber insurance and the different aspects of this – from first, second and third party coverage to public relations and brand rehabilitation. Here, we discovered just how important cyber insurance is to the safety and integrity of both you and your clients. 

A delicious lunch of manwiches, wedges and sides was then served by Carlisle Racecourse’s helpful kitchen team, allowing plenty of time for our guests to casually network amongst each other and chat to our talented speakers. As everyone departed from the event with their free goodie bag and 2023 Logic wall planner, the overwhelming consensus was incredibly positive, with some suggestions to repeat the event annually! 

We cannot thank our speakers enough for all their hard work, Carlisle Racecourse for being fantastic hosts, and our own Logic team for their dedication to helping me (Lu) organise the event. A brilliant effort by all involved and we look forward to planning the next one!

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