Why do you need VoIP this Christmas?

The Christmas rush is generally welcomed with great enthusiasm, driving far more customers to a business than any other time of year. Though we all know this comes with its frustrations.

If your team are still relying on a landline and you’re worried about struggling to juggle a persistently ringing phone and a never-ending throng of Christmas customers, then you need a reliable VoIP system.

Simply put, VoIP is a digital phone system which runs directly through your broadband or even mobile data. Many businesses are a little apprehensive about making the leap to VoIP but, after BT’s ‘Big Switch Off’ of traditional phone lines in 2027, this will become your only option. While ditching your landline for a digital business phone system may sound a little daunting, it actually comes with a variety of fantastic benefits, especially notable at the most wonderful busy time of the year. Discover Gamma PhoneLine+ here.

The Benefits

Money is a key factor when making important business decisions, and you’ll be pleased to know that VoIP can actually save you up to 40% on local calls and a whopping 90% on international calls* by cutting out costly monthly phone bills.7

Avoid darting through crowds of customers to a ringing countertop phone. Simply download your VoIP product as a downloadable app onto any compatible device (mobile, laptop, tablet, IP headset, etc.), and start taking and making calls from wherever you’re running around. Transferring calls to other colleagues is also made incredibly easy, and different functions can be assigned to different numbers; for instance, one system number could be linked to sales, another to complaints, another to queries, and so on.

While many businesses set a ‘no holidays’ rule for the Christmas period, there’s no guarantee you will be fully staffed every single day. With VoIP, you can set personalised recorded messages to callers for additional access support or information (such as suggesting to visit a webpage or send an email), and you can even set up ‘Call Queueing’ with on-hold messages or music.

Plenty of businesses amend their opening hours to accommodate for festive shoppers. Easily set your out-of-hours to automatically play a recorded message or take customers to voicemail while your business is closed.

Unexpected disasters can happen to any business, causing sudden shifts in opening hours or even resulting in you closing altogether for a couple days. Luckily, you can access your call handling preferences from a web browser, allowing you to quickly change your opening hours or set new messages to callers.

Get VoIP Today

We can’t guarantee the festive rush won’t be hectic, but we can promise that switching to VoIP from a classic landline will make it easier to manage. Treat your organisation to an early Christmas present by discovering VoIP today.

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