The Big Switch Off

The invention of the telephone was a monumental achievement for mankind, but we’ve since progressed past it. From 2027, all analogue phonelines in the UK will turned off by BT. Make sure your business is ready.

It may come as a surprise to hear that, as of 2018, the process of phasing out ISDN and PSTN had already begun. No new phonelines are being installed as BT prepares the UK for mass elimination of this soon-to-be archaic method of telecommunication. And, after September 2023, businesses will no longer be able to get ISDN or PSTN. 

If you don’t already have VoIP, you’re going to need one. From 2027, your valued customers will no longer be able to call in unless you have a business telephone system, which simply means calls will be connected via broadband rather than the traditional phoneline. Many businesses already made the leap to VoIP following the Covid-19 pandemic, as it allowed staff to take and make calls from home, and easily divert calls to other members of their team. Switching in 2020 was a practicality; soon it will become a necessity. Leave it too late and you’ll be playing catch-up while all of your competitors will have already progressed to the modern age.

Many VoIP providers will draw businesses in with misleading deals and confusing descriptions. Here at Logic, our friendly IT team will strive to make sure you have the ideal VoIP for you – no scary small print, no hidden costs. So, whether you’re one of the big dogs or a small timer just starting up, we’ll find the perfect VoIP plan for your business.

Specifically designed for small businesses, PhoneLine+ is a handy VoIP-like system which allows you to control your calls far beyond a single ringing phone on a counter. Take advantage of our exclusive deal from as little as £6.95pm!

Discover our more sophisticated Gamma Horizon Business Phone System and Horizon Collaborate plans, perfect for larger organisations. Improve your company image, increase customer satisfaction, easily collaborate with your team and much more. Get in touch for more information. 

The modern age is reaching us fast and it won’t slow down for the unprepared. Get your business tech-ready for the ‘Big Switch Off’ 2027 with a reliable VoIP phone system from Logic, Carlisle. 

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