Dangerous New Bug Sweeps Through
Android Devices

What is the Xenomorph Android malware and how can you avoid it?

Pause for a moment before you download another new app to your Android phone. The new Xenomorph malware trojan hiding in unreputable apps could pose a serious threat to your online banking.

First found in 2022 by ThreatFabric, the original Xenomorph malware is able to intercept unique identity codes sent by banks. These codes are intended to make logging into accounts more secure but, when maliciously targeted by this worrying, new malware, pose a severe risk.

Since its discovery, this bug has been downloaded over 50000, but has now become far more advanced.

Xenomorph has now been reported to automatically hack accounts; from making unauthorised transactions to stealing account balances. This powerful bug is thought to have hit over 400 banking and financial institutions (both physical currency and cryptocurrency).

“Threatfabric has confirmed that Xenomorph is now able to completely automate the whole fraud chain, from infection to funds exfiltration, making it one of the most advanced and dangerous Android Malware trojans in circulation.” – Dave Snelling, Mirror

While the UK doesn’t yet seem to be getting targeted by the cybercriminals behind Xenomorph, it’s only a matter of time. Put the proper precautions in place now to avoid infecting your android device.

  1. Download the ESET Endpoint Security for Android app.
  2. Read the reviews and only download apps from reputable developers.
  3. If you have downloaded an app and you have any concerns, keep a close eye on your bank accounts over the following weeks.

If you have any other concerns regarding the cyber safety of your devices, get in touch with our multi-award-winning team.

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