Royal Mail Experiences Cyber Attack

The postal industry takes another blow with ‘severe disruption’ caused by a cyber incident

After the chaos of the recent postal strikes, customers are now being urged not to send parcels or letters overseas via the Royal Mail due to a debilitating cyber incident affecting its international export services, the company has announced. Severe delays are to be expected. 

A company spokesman has commented, “We have asked customers temporarily to stop submitting any export items into the network while we work hard to resolve the issue. Some customers may experience delay or disruption to items already shipped for export. 

“Our import operations continue to perform a full service with some minor delays. Our teams are working around the clock to resolve this disruption and we will update customers as soon as we have more information. 

“We immediately launched an investigation into the incident and we are working with external experts. We have reported the incident to our regulators and the relevant security authorities.”

Cyber security breaches can happen to any company, any size, any field. However, there are plenty ways to help prevent a cyber crime occurring – many of which being quite simple. Here are our 5 top tips: 

  1. Install WatchGuard’s Multi-Factor Authentication on your devices. 

  2. Keep your data stored safely in an encrypted file, external hard drive or on the cloud in case of a destructive cyber attack. 

  3. Be wary of emails from people you don’t know, and do not click links or open attachments unless you are expecting them. 

  4. Complete all prompted updates on your systems and software to ensure the latest patches and security measures and always in place. 

  5. Do not give out personal information or passwords. 

Want to hear more about Logic’s reliable cyber security products and services? Get in touch with our multi-award-winning team today. 

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