UK Electoral Registers Targeted by Cyber Attack

Millions of voters’ personal information has potentially been leaked in a “complex cyber-attack”

The Electoral Commission reported that copies of the electoral registers, dating back to August 2021, have been accessed by unidentified “hostile entities.” Emails and “control systems” were also breached but these cyber criminals’ antics were not discovered until October 2022. 

Information that may have been accessed by attackers include the names and home addresses of people in the UK who registered to vote between 2014 and 2022, as well as names of overseas voters and those who opted to keep their details off the open register. 

Chief Executive Officer, Shaun McNally, has stated the commission only knows which systems were accessed by these cyber criminals, without any conclusive evidence as to which exact files were infiltrated. 

The UK’s elections watchdog has advised people to be vigilant and watch out for any unauthorised use of their personal data. Meanwhile, Logic are also stressing the importance of updating passwords and installing multi-factor authentication on any accounts that will allow it. 

If you are concerned about how your data may be fraudulently used to gain access to your business accounts, get in touch with our specialist Cyber Security team. 

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