Upgrade to Windows 11 to Stay Cyber Essentials Plus Certified

After October 2025, you will need Windows 11 to keep your Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

In the IT industry, we always like to stress the importance of keeping software updated to the latest version. This is essential for security, bug fixes, compatibility, new features and future-proofing. If updates aren’t carried out and software vulnerabilities are left un-patched, they become common knowledge for hackers. These cyber criminals can then create programs and services to make said vulnerabilities easy to exploit, even for hackers with minimal technical expertise.

Though there’s another reason you will want to upgrade to Windows 11…

Windows 10 is reaching its EOL (end of life) stage. Its next feature update, 21H2, will be in June 2023 but most of our clients are already running 22H2. As you may already know, keeping your software updated to the latest version is a crucial step in securing your Cyber Essentials Plus certification, but, after 14th October 2025, Windows 10 will no longer receive any security updates.

So, what does this mean for you?

If you don’t already have Windows 11 installed, you now have two options:

1. Upgrade
Simply upgrade your system to Windows 11. To do this, click the start button and then “Settings”, then click on “Update and Security”. After this, click “Check for Updates” to see if your device can run Windows 11 or if the upgrade is available for you.

In order to run Windows 11, you system must have these requirements:
– Minimum 1GHz, 64-bit processor
– At least 4GB RAM
– At least 64 GB of storage space

If your computer does not meet these requirements and Windows 11 is unavailable to you, you will need to follow the second option…

2. Purchase a New Machine
Unfortunately, if Windows 11 is unable to be installed on your device, you must buy a new machine. This is essential for Cyber Essentials Plus as you will not be able to gain or keep compliancy without Windows 11. But don’t worry – consider this an opportunity, not a set back! You now have the freedom to browse a huge range of devices, perfect for all your business needs.

If you’d like a helping hand finding the ideal laptop or workstation for you or want to know more about Cyber Essentials Plus certification, get in touch with our multi-award-winning team today.

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