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What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Logic: Your Trusted IT Managed Service Provider in Cumbria and Dumfries & Galloway

Business is booming and the day is going great until suddenly… an IT issue. Sometimes it’s as easy as turning the computer off and on again but, when the problem is beyond the capability of your team, what do you do? 

When people think of Managed Service Providers, there’s often the misconception that their small-medium business isn’t big enough to justify an MSP. However, the reality is it might just save you a small fortune in both money and your employees’ valuable time. 

An MSP (or Managed IT Service Provider) is a third-party company which act as your entire IT department from afar; including managing your IT infrastructure, implementing and maintaining your cyber security, storing data, delivering IT support in Cumbria and Dumfries & Galloway both on-site and remotely, and much more. But why exactly is this beneficial to you? 

Save Money

Instead of spending thousands on the salary of one in-house employee, you could pay a much smaller monthly fee for an entire team of IT experts. Our Technicians complete extensive training and have a plethora of combined IT knowledge through hands-on experience. You can also eliminate the challenge of covering annual leave or sick days for a single in-house employee; even if some of our team are away, there will always be a Logic Technician available to assist you.  

Money saved by outsourcing your IT can be invested directly back into the business or even increase the wages of your team. 

Save Money with a Managed Service Provider

Scalable Support

You may initially outsource your IT for minimum MSP services as a small start-up but then grow to need more assistance. Equally, you may sign up with a range of requirements and later decide to narrow them down. Instead of putting pressure on a single employee or making the difficult to decision to let someone go, you can simply amend your IT service needs to suit your business in its current state.  


Quick Problem Solving 

Despite the appeal of an in-house IT Technician being able to jump on a task immediately, you may run into multiple issues which all require attention at the same time. Instead of prioritising some tasks and neglecting others, you can simply log multiple tickets on our support portal, and our team of IT specialists will disperse the work between them.  

Managed Service Provider for Cyber Security

Increased Cyber Security 

Everyone can download firewalls and antivirus software onto their devices, but what happens if there’s still a breach? Instead of relying on a single person to keep an eye on your cyber security, our high-end security software will constantly monitor your defences and, as a managed security service provider, our team will also be on hand to jump in as and when needed. With cyber crime on the rise, especially potentially bankrupting ransomware attacks, it is absolutely crucial that your cyber security is kept very high on your list of priorities. Logic ensures you stay secured, with an additional level of coverage available through our 24/7 WatchGuard XDR software. 


Free Up Time 

Stop wasting your valuable time on IT and put all your focus into the business. Our Carlisle-based Technicians are here to act as your entire IT department and handle the tech-y stuff. Whether it’s resolving minor glitches or tackling urgent IT emergencies, we’re readily available at the other end of the line, ensuring seamless support whenever you need it. 

It’s clear to see why working with a Managed Service Provider is beneficial to your business, but we take this another step further. One main benefit of working with Logic over other Managed Service Provider companies is our ability to keep a personal touch. We’re a small but mighty team offering extensive IT support in Carlisle and often get to know our clients on a first name basis, as well as know their IT systems in and out, giving you the confidence that we can tailor our IT support to your needs and find out exactly where an IT issue is, fast. 

Ready to boost your company’s performance? Get in touch now for excellent IT support in Cumbria and Dumfries & Galloway, and top Managed Services for cyber security, infrastructure and all your other IT needs. 

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